Student Interest Groups

A Student Interest Group, or SIG, is a group of students who have agreed to come together around a specific topic of interest. SIGs are not recognized as official student clubs by the student government body at Northeastern University (Boston). They are student groups that are started and ratified on the Toronto regional campus. The Student Services office will keep a list of all currently ratified SIGs and their Officers.

Active Student Interest Groups

NUPM Toronto

NUPM Toronto Student Organization promotes student success and offers a wide range of learning opportunities for Project Management graduate students. We are committed to developing overall student engagement and connecting project management communities.

NURA Toronto


NURA Toronto Student Community’s mission is to enrich the professional development of Regulatory Affairs graduate students by connecting with industry, conducting interactive sessions, and providing peer support. 

Spotlight Arts & Cultural Club


Spotlight Arts and Cultural Club aims to nurture and showcase the hidden talents of the NU Toronto student community, honour and celebrate diversity, and add more joy to the student experience through art in its various forms.

NU Toronto Photo Club


The NU Toronto Photo Club allows members of the student community to maximize their university experience in Canada by fostering their shared passion for photography and bringing them together to capture moments and explore new scenic areas through the camera lens.

NUALY: D.A.S.H. Toronto


The NUALY: Data Analytics Society for Huskies (D.A.S.H.) student organization has a motto of “Huskies4Huskies” and offers a steppingstone for Analytics students to many future volunteering experiences at the graduate level and an opportunity to experience a startup environment. Together, D.A.S.H. is “solving the professional puzzle”!

NU Toronto Book Club


NU Toronto’s Book Club is a thriving community that gathers book lovers together to share their interests and build reading and speaking skills while connecting with their peers.